An F1 Season Preview...Gravel Trap Style

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An F1 Season Preview...Gravel Trap Style

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Good afternoon chaps :)

After a relatively calm and eventless end to the 2021 season, we've finally started thinking about the new era of Formula 1 and what might entail over the next 8 months.

For his latest Gravel Trap, Klon has gone through the field driver-by-driver to analyse which circuits you might expect these young men (and old man Fernando) to excel at during the next 12 months. The results may surprise you. Have a gander right here before qualifying at Bahrain!

Every Formula 1 Driver's Best Circuit
Fetzie on Ferrari wrote:How does a driver hurtling around a race track while they're sous-viding in their overalls have a better understanding of the race than a team of strategy engineers in an air-conditioned room?l
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