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Grefìmos Anto - my hovercraft-racing series

Posted: 17 Mar 2020, 20:47
by Psyclepath
Like racing? Like fantasy? Ever wanted to see racing in fantastical settings, such as snowy mountains, radiation-destroyed lands and shrines of fire gods? Well, Grefìmos Anto is the series for you.

Season 52 is underway, and defending champion Langorius Sòlen is fighting for his third championship. His teammate at Master Sword Racing is the inexperienced, but undoubtedly supremely talented Argo Vangalìdi. The Shadowfolk are one of their rival teams, with pilots Britzus and Oblis. These two daring femme-fatales may be nearing the end of their careers, but they will fight to the end. The newest of the front-running teams is Ornas Racing, with Kör Draumur and At’Jap Ret as their pilots.

This season will be an arduous one. Meshevak, the next track, features both very tight, narrow bends – but also some wide straights. The fastest section of the racetrack, the downhill Ustaria Pokurav straight, is followed immediately by a tight, slow corner that starts the twisty spiral. It is one of the easiest places to attempt, but botch an overtake.

If you wish to follow this series, click to sign up here. The Meshevak race will be presented in the shoutbox this Sunday at 2pm, on