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Tom Belsø: 1942-2020

Posted: 14 Jan 2020, 05:14
by dinizintheoven
Tom Belsø lost a battle with stomach cancer on 11th January, and is the first F1 driver to die in the All-New Twenties. I'm quite surprised that nobody has noticed within the last three days, given that he was a profiled Reject from t'old site after four less-than-successful outings with Frank Williams Racing Cars in 1974, and also that he was the only ever F1 driver to have an "ø" in his name. His photo from the 1974 season also bears a strange resemblance to Fabrizio Barbazza, who is very much alive.

As a good friend of mine would say, Feast In Valhalla - appropriately enough for a Dane. May that feast involve a bowl of the breakfast cereal of your choice, and if you can't get Belsø Cereals in your home country, then something from Jordans would do, as Tom drove John Jordan's own Lola T332 in F5000 in 1977 (or so the obituary tells me).