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VW to cease all non-electric motorsport series

Posted: 24 Nov 2019, 21:01
by mario
I am surprised this hasn't received at least some mention, but VW has announced that they intend to cease all factory support for motorsport series which are not purely based on electric cars. ... r/4601530/

It means that plans for a TCR car have been cancelled, along with their support for Loeb's WTCC team, although for the moment they are still producing customer Polo rally cars.

What is ambiguous though is whether that restriction is limited to the VW parent brand alone, or if it extends down to other brands such as Porsche (thinking of the GTE Pro category, where Porsche does still provide factory support). If VW's other marques are still free to provide factory support to internal combustion engined projects, then it might not be quite as dramatic a shift.