David Price, 1947-2023

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David Price, 1947-2023

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And this time I'm alerted to a death in Non-F1-Reject motorsport... by a caption on the Envision drivers' halo in the Cape Town e-Prix.

https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/arti ... cba1185463

David Price, boss of David Price Racing, died on 15th February, the same day as Raquel Welch. It seems his team that operated in the lower formulae did have some success - and had a couple of wins in the early days of GP2 - but I'll remember them as being mired near, or right at, the wrong end of the GP2 grid, with four DNQs in a series where it was very difficult to miss the cut. And Carmen Jordá was nowhere to be seen...

Other David Price projects involve being part of the Brabham F1 team in 1991 with the Brundell Brothers and the rounded (but slow) BT60Y, and running a second-hand Williams FW06 in the Aurora AFX British F1 Championship for some bloke called Giacomo Agostini, who I hear was quite handy on a motorbike.

Again, read the Motorsport Magazine article for more.
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