The RobotWars/BattleBots Thread

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Re: The RobotWars/BattleBots Thread

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Samster wrote:Of course from a reject standpoint I'm most looking forward to seeing 'Donald Thump' in action. :D

Those of you that didn't like Apollo and Carbide being in the same heat last time, well you won't like Heat B as Carbide is in with both Eruption and Aftershock. Also Gabriel, Big Nipper and Crackers n Smash are the other three so its this season's heat of death.

Other potential rejects include The Kegs, a two part cluster-bot made from literal beer kegs and modern favourite Nuts. Also Ian Watts of Bigger Brother fame is back with a four part cluster called The Swarm.

Roll this coming Sunday!
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Re: The RobotWars/BattleBots Thread

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Curse the BBC cancelled the reboot 4 years ago after just three series! The reboot was just getting into it's stride for Heaven's sake!
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Re: The RobotWars/BattleBots Thread

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It would appear that this thread has been revived, and screw it. I’m a fan of Robot Wars so I might as well make this my first contribution to this website.

I am still annoyed that robot wars got cancelled, I think we all are. I still think the classic series have more charm and as such I prefer them, the modern series are still good (BTW, you can find every series of robot wars, even the reboot, among other on Mech+ which is free so I recommend it)

Modern Battlebots feels more like a sport than literally every other robot combat competition. Well, it’s all we’ve got. It’s fine, I guess. Some of the fights are cool, though they hate non-damaging designs like they’re Channel 5. It’s just taken too seriously for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I still follow it (mainly because I’m started for choice) and can enjoy it, it just doesn’t fill the pit of oblivion in my Robot Wars loving heart.

Oh yeah there was also a couple lf competitions in China too. King of Bots (which had a spin-off, also on Mech+, called This Is Fighting Robots) and Clash Bots, the latter being affectionally named KFC Death Camp. I’ve seen neither of these shows, but I hear the former was good despite a poor format in Series 2 (as of yet the last). The same can’t be said for Clash Bots, all I’ve heard about it is people joking about it which is a bad sign. Unfortunately, the people behind KoB have gone bankrupt, so no more of that.

Also, something similiar to the F1 Canon series is going on with robot wars on the… robot wars fandom wiki (Why oh why did it have to be fandom?). They’ve done their own Canon series from Series 1 - Extreme Warriors Series 1 (US Wars, after Extreme 1, which is after Series 4) so far and plan to go until the end of the reboot. They also have other tournaments on there, many of which with interesting gimmicks. I know it’s on fandom, but I recommend you check it out:
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