The Gravel Trap reviews Driven

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The Gravel Trap reviews Driven

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Morning everyone

Some 21 years ago in the distant past of 2001, Sylvester Stallone made a film about CART/ChampCar, having being rebuffed by Formula 1 a few years earlier."Driven" promised high octane action and realistic motorsport scenes. Looking back, it's not quite in the pantheon of great motorsport films like Rush or Ford vs Ferrari, but let's just say it's become somewhat of a cult classic amongst a certain realm of motorsport fans. :deletraz:

Anyway, to mark the 21st anniversary of its debut, Klon has watched Driven and given it The Gravel Trap treatment to see how well the film has held up over the last two decades, and whether it was ahead of its time in some respects. Read his analysis right here.

Driven to Survive - What Motorsport's Cinematic Reject Got Right
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