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by dr-baker 25 Apr 2020, 16:12
AdrianBelmonte_ wrote: ... 1945-2020/ (it's in french, but easy to understand i think)

For those of you who are not Francophones, a translation: wrote:In memoriam: Ricardo Divila (1945 – 2020)

His face was familiar to many people in different paddocks across the world. Born in 1945 in Sao Paulo, Ricardo Divila died on 20th April in France, following a short battle with cancer.

The designer spent most of his time in Europe and more precisely in France, due to the Brazilian being fluent in French. Not used to giving interviews despite enjoying sharing his passion, a great consumer of coffee, Ricardo Divila liked to live in the shadows. Discreet, brilliant, spirited, he had all the same been interviewed by us a few months ago, which we had intended to publish in a few days’ time. Even though he did not like to be in the foreground, his diaries in the Racecar Engineering were fondly appreciated by readers.

Ricardo Divila worked in multiple disciplines, from Formula 1 to Le Mans prototypes, via GT500 and GT3. He began his career in his country of birth designing Formula Vee cars in the 1960s. Formula 1 came calling after this, becoming technical director for Fittipaldi Automotive. These single-seater chassis names commenced with FD: F for Fittipaldi and D for Divila. He subsequently was seen working for Ligier, SARD, Dome and NISMO. Ricardo was at Nissan in recent years, from LMP1 to GT3.

In nearly 60 years of competion, Ricardo Divila covered 2600 races for 46 teams. His statistics were truly unbelievable: 286 F1 GPs, 25 IndyCar races, 32 Le Mans 24 Hours, 5 Dakar rallys. He was notably a part of Pescarolo Sport.

The death of Ricardo Divila leaves a large hole in various paddocks. The author passes on their condolences to the family and friends of Ricardo Divila.


watka wrote:I find it amusing that whilst you're one of the more openly Christian guys here, you are still first and foremost associated with an eye for the ladies!
dinizintheoven wrote:GOOD CHRISTIANS do not go to jail. EVERYONE ON FORMULA ONE REJECTS should be in jail.

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